objects@107.org.au       107 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW 2016

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Feel like reducing the amount of `hard waste’ going to landfill with your next purchase?

The resourceful team at the Bower have created these limited edition, beautiful sturdy wooden benches and stools out of found and recycled materials. Each stool is unique, hand made from reclaimed construction timbers using traditional joinery right here in the woodworking studio at 107.

The Bower's first assistant, Isaac, has a passion for working with second-hand materials. He will be soon relocating to Tasmania, so these limited edition coffee tables will be his last pieces made in Redfern's studio.

The Bower's mission is to encourage community awareness of environmentally responsible design and manufacture, through their workshops. They're long-time advocators for long life design, repairable products and the use of sustainable, recyclable materials for appliances and furnishings.

With these tables you will be supporting The Bower's ongoing education programs, repair cafes and recycling programs. 

Only available for pick-up from 107.

Issac's Coffee table