objects@107.org.au       107 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW 2016

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Mark Eliott’s glass art practice spans biological representation, sculptural abstraction, mythology and glass-animation. Many of his works are illustrations of his story writing and are often influenced by synaesthesia which includes visual music, coloured alphabet and numerals. Mark is a resident at 107.

"As a glassblower, I almost stopped making glass animals because I wanted to project myself as the ‘serious Artist’ until I realised that I could have my cake and eat it too. I love making glass animals and don’t care about the kitsch associations. My intention is to honour our magnificent yet often frail wildlife while making affordable, collectable objects for my friends to which they can relate in a very immediate way. It also makes a good break from my more abstract and conceptual projects. I have found my own style but still feel connected to a tradition of bespoke and quirky glass animal making which leads back through time to the island of Murano in Italy, towns such as Laotia in Germany, Neveres in France and the Blaschka family of Bohemia to the combed fish of ancient Egypt and beyond."

Glass Octopus by Mark Elliot