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FOLK Magazine - Art in Colour.
The team behind FOLK unapologetically prioritise the voices and stories of the sixty-percent of our population that society and mainstream media have a weird habit of ignoring. FOLK sees the talent in communities that is yet to be seen and dedicate this magazine to ensure that the other fourty percent see, watch and listen. 

"In 2016 FOLK was birthed from a personal desire to widen and edify our own connections to other Artists of Colour. The revolution was taking too long for our liking so we decided to gather in cafes and lounge rooms all over Sydney, Australia with the people we did know and demand change from our world- through our different means of expression. By empowering each other and hopefully you, we will build our own movement."

*Available to pick-up at 107 Redfern Street, Redfern*

Folk Magazine

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