Meet the Hags behind the Mag

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Meet the Hags Ella (left) & Georgette (right)

Could you tell us about yourselves? Where you grew up? Where you met?

Georgette: I was a little freakazoid since birth and from a young age I forged a lifelong addiction to television. When Bananas In Pyjamas would come on I would kiss the TV screen. I wrote reviews of every episode of Neighbours and cried when Cosima De Vito had to leave Australian Idol and I firmly believe she is a forgotten icon, overshadowed by the Guy Sebastian Vs Shannon Knoll discourse.

Me and Ella met in our first year of studying animation at UTS. We bonded over One Direction, Twin Peaks and most importantly, fan fiction. I remember deeply respecting Ella because she unashamedly burps in every single social setting, I would think to myself…huh, this girl? she...has the it factor…

Ella: I was a horse girl raised by television, I grew up inside my own head which truly sent me into hag-hood. I remember meeting Georgette in this lifetime at uni and being… so overwhelmed by her tiny baby hands… so soft… so fragile. I had to protect her from herself. Now, I hold things.

What was the moment when you decided to work in the arts?

Georgette: I never think through any decision I make long enough to be bogged down about the repercussions. I think making zines and comics was the moment I started to trust in my ability to tell a story/think of ideas. That kind of was the moment where I was like “Okiiii...maybe I this?? For money???”

Ella: I knew when everyone in year 10 read my self insert Beatles fan-fiction. I said no one’s laughing at me for free anymore!!

Where you draw your creativity from?

Georgette: Me and Ella love to talk shit, sometimes during this we say stuff that can actually be good. So we try to talk shit as much as possible for our creative process. Other than that, I wait for one of the Real Housewives ladies to visit me in my dreams and tell me what to do.

Ella: First, I like to dig a big hole. You can use a shovel or a trowel, but I’m a bit old fashioned and use the spades god gave me. Once I’ve exorcised the rage and tears through my feral exhumations, I like to just stick my head into the cold wet earth and see what’s going on down there! What’s a worm gonna do, sue me for plagiarism?

Hand Puppet by Sophie Joyce

How would you describe your collaborative practice?

Georgette: Well like I mentioned, we talk a lot of shit. One of us gets a stupid, slutty little idea and then we start building the world from there. When a gremlin willed us into existence, she split the brain of one person into two and put one brain half in me and the other in Ella, like The Parent Trap. The planning stage is a lot of yelling into the ether, the doing stage is a lot of fist fighting and arguments. We cannot reveal details because we will inevitably have a Behind The Hags biopic.

Ella: Sometimes we just shout at each other from our beds. When Georgette first suggested the magazine I thought she said, “let’s start a bag of seeds”, and I was so thrilled to finally bring my cult leader dreams of running a commune to life - but, maybe Hag Mag can also facilitate that eventually!

How would you describe the creative process of the other person?

Ella: We are merely conduits, we just sit and wait for the universe to channel something through us and I know that’s her creative process because we are a hive mind.

What kind of cultural forces inspired you both to create Hag Mag?

Georgette: There was a gap in the Australian magazine market for deranged Hags that have SOMETHING TO SAY!!

Georgette Stefoulis: 'Funky Discharge' fake album review & Sealed Section illustration

Can you tell us about the definition of a ‘Hag’ ... its significance to the conception of the publication?

At the end of the day, we just be silly billy cats, doing silly billy business.

Can you talk about the idea of publishing in print media? What are the challenges and/ or virtues of this medium?

Ella: It drives monkey brain materialism…people love to hold physical things.

Georgette: The excitement of having an actual magazine to flick through and to then peel the smexcii sealed section is second to none. I love our print man Doug from Comic Books On Demand and so does my Ella and we would die for anything.

What is it like being an artist/ designer in Sydney?

Ella: At the beginning we found it hard because before Hag Mag, it felt like we were only putting ourselves out there during Zine Fair season, so it’s been good shoving our art down people’s throats all year long.

Georgette: It’s nice that it has been a way for us to talk to people who we only would’ve seen online and actually get to know them in the physical realm. Ultimately, forming a Hag Mag Rat King community is our goal.

Featured Artist: Georgette Stefoulis

What was the process of putting together the magazine?

It goes a little something like this….

How do your other creative disciplines inform Hag Mag? (if they do)

Ella: My main creative discipline is Dreams About Celebrities Have-er. Which gives an insight into the main themes of Hag Mag.

Georgette: I’ve never had any discipline and I think that also provides insight into the main themes of Hag Mag.

What advice would you give to fellow Hags about pursuing creative projects in Sydney?

Ella: Don’t pursue projects, email us at to be in OUR project otherwise we don’t want to know.

Can you tell us about Issue #2 Hag-O-Ween special?

Georgette: My mum’s main take away from it was “Where did I go wrong in parenting you?” if that isn’t a glowing endorsement.

What are your hopes for the future of HagMag?

Ella: World domination.

Left: Rosamund Hooper | Right: Isabella Sanasi

Do you have any heroes, creative or otherwise?

Georgette: Evil mothers from teen shows.

Ella: ...and their angry teen daughters.

Georgette: And Barbra Streisand.

Launch of Issue #1

Where can we find you when you’re not working?

Georgette: On the couch watching The OC.

Ella: Or in a big hole.

What gets you into a creating mood?

Georgette: I fall into a deep existential crisis every time I have to pick up a pencil again so I need to look through my old work to remind myself that I can vaguely draw and then I like to look at stuff that makes me happy and then I have to stare at a wall for upwards of 10 hours before I think about starting anything.

Ella: Um I only make things out of spite and revenge and one-up-manship.

What's your favourite home-cooked flavour?

Georgette: At the moment I have a crippling addiction to toasted Turkish bread with butter and Vegemite. That or my Yiayia’s Greek food.

Ella: Snot

Featured Artist: Isabella Sanasi

Do you have any hidden talents?

Georgette: I am actually SO good at talking about starting a band yet never doing it.

Ella: Picking which celebrities people look like the love child of.

Where can people see more of your work?

@hagmagazine on Insta !!

Any last words?


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