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We’re looking for work from emerging artists and creatives living and working in the Sydney area. We also wish to extend this callout to rural artists, living outside of the major metropolitan areas.

Our curatorial ethos is broad, inclusive but generally speaking we give preference to
Object Orientated*  work and Sustainable* creative practices and materials:

  • New, surprising, subversive, inventive and different.

  • Produced in Australia using locally sourced materials  and/or Australian creative talent.

  • Non-commercial, mass-produced products.

  • Produced with low-waste and environmentally friendly principles in mind.

*What is Object Orientated?


artefacts, accessoires, up-cycled materials, sculptures, jewellery, textiles, ceramics, glass, small publications/zines, and products.

Send us an Expression Of Interest
to have a stall at our February 23rd Sustainable Market of 2020. 

Are you applying individually or on behalf of a collective?


environmentally conscience use of materials, recycled, upcycled, locally sourced, low
carbon footprint.



We also consider sustainability in terms of community business. What we mean by
this is we prioritise non-commerical artists
to help sustain local art, craft and design community economies.

*What is Sustainable?